3 Dinge, die nicht verhandelbar sind

3 things that are non-negotiable

Many wait for the perfect time. The perfect circumstances. And everything else that needs to be perfect to make progress. But the fact is, perfection is overrated and unrealistic. To date, I have not worked with a client or athlete who has trained under perfect circumstances. And yet we consistently achieve success. The progression is crucial. And progression is primarily based on a solid foundation. The solid basis of the methods we use in the YPSI consists of the following three things, among others. 3 things that are non-negotiable. That means no matter what project, what circumstances, how much training, how much sleep and how much or how little of everything else is currently the case, the following three points always existed, under all circumstances.

As a solid base. To minimize regression if necessary. Get past progress. And to lay the foundation for future progress.

1. Himalayan Salt Lime Water - Every client of mine starts their day with this. It's the first thing I change for every customer. It's the first tip in Your Best Workout . Effort: less than a minute. Effect: Large. Start each day with a glass of water, a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan salt and a squeeze of lime juice. Why? Here the complete article . Would lemon juice or another salt work? The answer here .

2. Breakfast - Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Breakfast is the first meal I change for each client. Breakfast has the biggest impact on the rest of the day. One of the main reasons for this is that the first meal of the day determines the neurotransmitter balance - and thus the mental and physical performance for the entire day. Basically, I recommend animal for breakfast . Depending on the goal, time and current circumstances, there may be a short time, lack of time, hunger or just the motivation for breakfast. However, breakfast is non-negotiable, ie not having breakfast is not an option. Three alternatives that are quick and, above all, always work:

Option 1 - A couple of handfuls of nuts or seeds - My favorites are macadamias, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds. It's quick, easy and always works. Whether at home, in the car or on the train. pack up. Take out a handful. Down with it.

Option 2 – The Hard Boiled Egg – Eggs are one of the most complete and nutritious foods. An average egg contains around 6g of protein, evenly distributed between the albumen and yolk, including all the essential amino acids, plenty of vitamin A, vitamin E and beta-carotene, as one of the few natural food sources also the important vitamin D, as well as tryptophan, which promotes the formation of Serotonin promotes and improves mood, as well as lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids important for eye health, phospholipids, which are important for brain function and the production of acetylcholine , and much more. Eggs are also quick and easy . Hard boil 10 pieces at the weekend. Store in the refrigerator. Take out 1-3 in the morning. peeling Some Himalayan salt on it. And down with it.

Option 3 - The Breakfast Shake - Anyone who has worked with me or attended any of the YPSI seminars knows I am not a fan of shakes, with the exception of the shake right after the workout. A breakfast shake is not a good breakfast. However, it is a better breakfast than no breakfast. And better is better. Perfection is illusion. Progression makes the difference. A simple recipe is add 3 tbsp. Rice protein with a handful of frozen raspberries and 1/2 tbsp. chia seeds and 1/2 tsp. Macadamia nuts together with water in a blender, mix, in a glass and the better breakfast is ready.

3. Supplements - I use and recommend over 70 different supplements. However, only two of these are independent of the YPSI skinfold measurement . This is a multi-complex and a vitamin D3/K2 . As is well known, these two perform many important tasks. In addition to a magnesium preparation , these two supplements are the basis. And therefore non-negotiable. I recommend all others depending on the analysis of the YPSI skinfold measurement. If the budget is tight at the moment, reduce the dosage instead of eliminating it completely. Quasi short-time work of the supplement protocol.

No matter under what circumstances you are working and training or not training. No matter how much time you currently have. No matter what mood you are in. These 3 things are non-negotiable.

Good luck with the implementation!

Image: Jessica N.'s Before'n'After Transformation is an excellent example of discipline and consistency.

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