Bring Yin und Yang ins Gleichgewicht

Balance yin and yang

The basis of Chinese medicine is the concept of yin and yang. Both are opposite halves of one whole and contained within the body. At different times, either yin or yang dominates. But only the balance ensures health and performance. Yin symbolizes the feminine, passive and absorbing. It's cool, calm and soft. Yang, on the other hand, stands for the masculine, is hot, dynamic, aggressive and radiant.

Transferred to our autonomic nervous system, Yang is the sympathetic nervous system, mobilizes energy and provides the answer to stressful situations. Yin is the parasympathetic nervous system that builds and nourishes our bodies during periods of rest. If yin and yang are in balance within the body, all bodily functions can run optimally and we are healthy. An imbalance between yin and yang, on the other hand, reduces performance and vitality.

In contrast to western medicine with its symptomatic treatment methods, Chinese medicine regards the body as a whole that needs to be brought into balance. To do this, she considers everything that influences people: emotion, environment and nutrition.

When you put red blood cells in water (yin), they absorb it, expand and burst. However, in a highly concentrated saline (yang) solution, they contract and shrink. The substance most similar to human blood is a 0.9% saline solution (sea water); Doctors compensate for the loss of blood plasma with saline solutions. In this solution, red blood cells do not change because yin and yang are in balance.

Morning sleepiness is a common and greatly underestimated problem. The physiological cause is a reduced function of the adrenal gland. This walnut-sized gland sits on top of the kidney and is responsible for the production of various hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, aldosterone and most importantly cortisol, the stress hormone. As a hormone of energy, cortisol also has positive effects. Along with testosterone, the male sex hormone, it peaks in the early morning circadian rhythm between 6-8 a.m. and then gradually falls throughout the day. Ideally, you wake up every morning at the same time (between 6 and 8) without an alarm clock and you are in top form within a few minutes.

Although humans are not designed for constant stress, we suffer from it 100 times more than our ancestors. Mobile phones, the Internet, appointments and many other factors drain our resources every day. Our life is yang dominant. However, this only works up to a point – until our energy dwindles, which manifests itself in morning tiredness, among other things.

With an optimal breakfast, some supplements and good sleep, this can be reversed….

YPSI protocol against morning sleepiness

Immediately after getting up - ¼ tsp Himalayan salt, 1 tbsp. Lime juice in a glass of water (any salt that is a color will do)

Breakfast – 100-300g animal like a steak, smoked salmon or burger, 6-10 macadamia nuts, 4 tabs Licorice Extract

It is critical to perform the protocol exactly as specified.

A constantly high cortisol level and a tired adrenal gland are reflected in the skinfold measurement (BioPrint/BioSignature) in a high thickness of the skinfold on the navel, especially in combination with an increased hipfold.

If you want to boost your energy levels, implement the Morning Fatigue Protocol...

It's simple little tricks that bring about big change...

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