Introducing: Das YPSI Tool

Introducing: The YPSI Tool

What is the YPSI tool?

The YPSI Tool is a handcrafted, credit card-sized tool made from natural wood to optimize flexibility and mobility of soft tissue and fascia through various massage techniques.

The YPSI Tool is the next step in the evolution of tools worldwide. There are currently 28 other forms of tools on the market. At YPSI we have worked with some of these variants over the past few years. Gradually, individual disadvantages and limitations of the individual tools became apparent, especially when used in a personal training setting.

At the end of last year the time came when it was time to implement these lessons learned and develop a better, more efficient tool. A competent partner was quickly found in Holz-Fit . After 6 prototypes developed by YPSI coach Wolfgang Unsöld, the YPSI tool is now coming onto the market...

The 6 advantages of the YPSI Tool are:

1. The YPSI Tool is made from natural wood. It is not varnished and finely sanded several times by hand. From a piece of wood, it is repeatedly polished with a natural oil. This makes it naturally anti-microbial and perfect for skin contact.

2. Due to its size and weight, it fits very well in the hand . Even with long and frequent use, hands, forearms and shoulders do not tire as quickly.

3. The YPSI tool has 6 different edges and 6 different corners . These enable a wide variety of application regions and precise effects - from rectus femoris to extensor carpi ulnaris.

4. The wood of the YPSI tool allows various application techniques due to its natural texture. From loosening the fascia to rubbing like other rough textured tools to applying pressure like a gua sha tool. No other tool offers this wide range of application options.

5. The size of the YPSI tool makes it perfect for your pocket and is therefore always ready to use during training. Whether to yourself or to customers and athletes.

6. At 125 euros, the YPSI tool is a very user-friendly investment.

To order the YPSI tool directly here

We also offer 2 different seminars in which we show the various techniques and possible uses using various tests.

At the 3-hour YPSI Tool seminar, we primarily focus on the application itself. And show a handful of self-tests to determine where and how the tool is best used. It gives the trainee an excellent insight into the techniques and use of the YPSI tool to efficiently optimize flexibility and mobility.

The content of the 2-day YPSI Tool Seminar is more comprehensive, with many tests, techniques and tricks, especially for users such as personal trainers and physiotherapists. For use with clients and athletes before, during and/or after a training session. It gives the advanced exerciser, trainer and physiotherapist a deep, excellent insight into the techniques and use of the YPSI tool to efficiently optimize flexibility and mobility.

Picture: The YPSI Tool: Anti-microbial, light, handy, versatile and inexpensive.

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