Partnerschaft von cerascreen und YPSI

Partnership of cerascreen and YPSI

We are happy to announce that the YPSI will be working closely with cerascreen GmbH in the future!

cerascreen offers diagnostic self-tests and already works with many health professionals, personal trainers and competitive athletes from different sports. cerascreen has made it its mission to give its customers exactly the tools they need to make the right decisions for their health, training and regeneration.

The idea behind the cerascreen concept is as simple as it is ingenious: optimal recommendation of supplements through individual tests. cerascreen Managing Director Olaf Schneider says: "Every body is different and has very individual needs."

The tests can be carried out quickly and easily at home. The analysis is carried out in cerascreen's in-house human diagnostics laboratory. For example, vitamin D levels, individual protein tolerance and testosterone levels can currently be checked. And the number of tests is constantly increasing. cerascreen has carried out tens of thousands of tests since it was founded.

cerascreen and the YPSI pursue the same vision, the optimization of physical and cognitive performance...

This is the basis for a long and successful cooperation!

That comes…

– Every trainer who has completed the YPSI B license receives special conditions for all cerascreen tests and the cerascreen affiliate program.

– The cerascreen diagnostics will be integrated even more into the YPSI training.

– cerascreen is working together with the YPSI on the development of new tests for the sports industry.

– In the coming months, the first test that cerascreen developed together with YPSI will be launched. The best test to date to determine the individual ability to regenerate. By measuring the testosterone:cortisol ratio in saliva at 8 specific time points. This enables training and supplementation to be controlled even more individually. For more success in training. Details following…

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