YPSI Buchempfehlung – „Win or learn“ von John Kavanagh

YPSI Book Recommendation - "Win or Learn" by John Kavanagh

I'm always interested in the careers and stories of other coaches. How you started. What motivates you. The lessons you learned. The challenges you have overcome. I learn from it. I see similarities. Reading about your challenges and successes inspires me.

This book is the autobiography of John Kavanagh, an Irish MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) coach. The first time I heard his name was a few years ago when he was teaching a seminar at ISI, a personal training studio Dublin I attended in 2008 which was the catalyst for opening YPSI.

I was curious and did a little research. I found an interview of him on Youtube. The one part I remember from it was when he said he was happy to have brought the first Irish fighters to UFC, but the ultimate goal is an Irish UFC champion. I liked the way that statement was clear. Nonetheless, it would be like Greece publicly announcing before the European Football Championship that they will be European champions. Relatively unlikely that this is the case. Back then, the reigning champions were legends of the sport like Anderson Silva, GSP and Jose Aldo. But then. A few years later, one of his fighters knocked out the 10-year undefeated Jose Aldo within 13s of the first round. And became the first Irish UFC champion. And is on course to become the greatest MMA fighter of this era...

There have been many lessons, challenges and successes along the way. John Kavanagh tells this in his book from the perspective of the coach. A perspective from which one rarely reads about a sport. For this reason, I recommend this book to every coach, regardless of the sport they coach. Because learning from the challenges and successes of other really successful coaches is one of the most important pillars of becoming more successful as a coach...

Win or Learn is available on Amazon here.

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