YPSI Tool – Testimonials (deutsch)

YPSI Tool – Testimonials (German)

What trainers say about the YPSI tool...

"From June 30th to July 3rd, 2016 I attended the YPSI Training Camp with Dr. Peter Lundgren and have been treating my clients and myself with the YPSI tool since this seminar.

It is already the third tool for optimizing mobility via fascia release that I use. In contrast to the others, however, it is significantly lighter - which puts less strain on your own forearms if you work on the customer a little more extensively. The handier design of the YPSI tool makes changing the different edges quicker and easier with one hand, and it easily fits in your pocket.

Furthermore, with the right technique, the treatment works very well without cream, coconut oil or similar thanks to the special texture of the YPSI tool, which is a much cleaner option for both the customers and the upholstery of the benches in the gym. This saves a subsequent time-consuming cleaning of the YPSI tool, which is also naturally anti-microbial.

Sometimes customers come to me with tension in their necks, for example because they have been sitting in front of the computer for a long time or because they were wrong at night. After a few minutes of treatment with the YPSI tool, these tensions are gone or significantly reduced, the range of motion in the shoulder girdle is greater than before and the customer can train longer and better. Personally, I like to treat my elbow flexors with it before I train.

These are all decisive advantages for me as a coach, which primarily save me time. Time is often short in personal training. Not every customer is punctual and a treatment must be quick and easy when the reason why the customer or athlete comes to me is actually the training and not the treatment itself.

These properties, as well as the significantly lower price compared to the tools mentioned above, have already persuaded a few of my customers to purchase the YPSI tool for private use.

I highly recommend it and think it's a very viable tool, especially for trainers on the training ground to improve client mobility cleanly and without much effort. "

Philip Schmieder
Diploma in sports science
YPSI Trainer A license

“Due to my work as a fitness and personal trainer in a medical and physiotherapy facility, I work with the YPSI tool almost every day. It doesn't matter whether it's shoulder or neck tension and limitations in the hips or knees, the area of ​​application of the tool is very diverse. Due to its light weight and compact size, I always have it "on hand" and can work on the patient immediately without tiring my hand too quickly.

The treatment time can vary depending on the severity of the injury. Within three minutes I was able to completely solve a sore arm that made pull-ups and arm curls almost impossible for a few days. Even with tension in the leg and hip muscles, I have only had positive experiences so far.

Another advantage is the stress-free cleaning of the tool. Due to the natural properties of the wood, disinfection is not necessary.”

Florian Helfrich
Personal trainer
Plus point, Bad Neustadt ad Saale

"Until a month ago, I had only worked with the Gua Sha Tool from the various tools on the market, and that really very irregularly and almost only for self-use, because "scratching" with the Gua Sha Tool was not reasonable for the majority of my customers . The use of the Gua Sha tool was also rather sporadic for me, because all the treated areas looked as if I had been fighting a bear due to bleeding.

I've been working with the YPSI tool for a little over a month now and I have to say that I can recommend it with a clear conscience.

In the photos you can see my customer Matthias before and after a 90s treatment with the YPSI tool. His internal rotation was so severely restricted that he was unable to effectively perform external rotator exercises due to insufficient range of motion.

At the moment it is helping me through the YPSI arm holiday. Before each training session I use the YPSI tool for the biceps as well as forearms and triceps. During training, the arms still feel relatively good despite the high workload in the last few days.

Conclusion and advantages of the YPSI tool are:

+ small and handy (always have it in my training pants)

+ different width of the edges

+ Can be applied directly to the skin with the wood, no need for cream or wax

+ Treatment is not painful

+ Self-treatment possible and also recommended, because you get a feeling for which edges to use on which parts of the body.

Michael Rainer
Sports student and personal trainer
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