YPSI Trainer A-Lizenz – Abschlussprüfung & -arbeit

YPSI Trainer A License – Final Examination & Thesis

The final exam & thesis for the YPSI Trainer A license is now available.

The final exam consists of 60 questions. To pass the final exam, 94% of the questions must be answered correctly.

The thesis consists of a case study, based on which a 4-month training, nutrition and supplement program is created. The final thesis is graded as “passed” and “failed” based on the principles taught in modules 1 to 6.

With the completion of the final exam and thesis, the participant receives the YPSI Trainer A license, the YPSI Trainer A license certificate and is listed in the YPSI Trainer directory as a YPSI Trainer A license.

And receives an invitation to the annual YPSI Mastermind Group .

The processing fee for the final exam and thesis is 199 euros net.

You have attended all 6 modules and would like to register for the YPSI Trainer A license final exam & work, then write to us...

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