3 Dinge, die Du am Kniebeugen Tag lernen wirst

3 things you will learn on squat day

What is squat day? The squat day is a method where you do 10 workouts totaling 50 sets of squats in one day. These 10 sessions are structured so that technique and execution improve from session to session. And to set a new training stimulus...

At the YPSI in Stuttgart we organize the squat day in different variations every 1-3 months. The goal is to take each participant's squat technique and execution to the next level. In addition to the units, tips and tricks on the squat day, there are other points that every participant learns on this day. These three include:

1. No other exercise tolerates this much volume - The squat is unique in many ways. Among other things, squats tolerate more volume than any other exercise. The Squat Day of 10 sessions and 50 sets in 1 day and the Squat Holiday of 18 sessions and 120 sets in 6 days are very good examples. Despite fatigue, it is possible to increase the weight from unit to unit and to optimize the technique. Without the fatigue that is common with all other exercises. And the associated reduction in performance and quality of execution.

2. Your deep squat is probably not deep - The depth of the squat is one of the most important factors for an optimal and maximum training effect. At the same time, a deep squat is mobility and flexibility training. what is deep Low means your hamstrings completely cover the calf – as can be seen in the picture above. Many participants are surprised within the first units of the squat day how deep they can go down in the squats. The deeper the better. The deeper, the greater the training effect. The deeper, the better stability, mobility and flexibility. One of the goals of Squat Tag is to clearly define the term "deep squat." Is your squat deep?

3. Amino acids and electrolytes protect you from fatigue & cramps - On the first YPSI squat day, 3 out of 12 participants could not finish the day due to cramps. A short time later we developed the YPSI AminoElectrolyte Complex, which we then made available to all participants on each subsequent squat day. With the recommendation to drink from it constantly throughout the day. Since the introduction of the YPSI AminoElectrolyte Complex, each participant has completed all 10 sessions and 50 sets on each subsequent YPSI squat day. 50 sets in a day without cramps? A constant supply of amino acids and electrolytes makes it possible...

If you want to take part in a YPSI squat day yourself, you can find the dates for the next squat days here

Photo: Personal trainer Marius Nydegger from Solothurn, Switzerland during the LH squat with a 4210 tempo at the last YPSI squat day in Stuttgart.

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