3 einfache Tricks für mehr Muskelaufbau

3 simple tricks to build more muscle

Muscle building is the number one goal for most male trainers when they start strength training. The effect of strength training, which is often sold to women as "tightening", is actually nothing more than building more muscles and losing more body fat.

If you have trouble building muscle, we recommend these three tricks:

Trick #1: Progressive overload

To build more muscle, you have to get stronger. The training of the nervous system is the decisive factor in building more muscles. You should improve in every workout, vary the workouts regularly and be able to see a common thread in your strength performance. That means you compare your strength performance from a few weeks ago with your current strength performance.

We recommend using your 6RM (repetition maximum), which is the weight you can lift with clean technique for 6 reps. For example, if 8 weeks ago you could do 6 neutral-grip pull-ups at 4010 Tempo with 10 pounds of extra weight, but now you're able to do 6 pull-ups with the same grip and tempo with 30 pounds of extra weight, then you've built muscle mass in your back.

Trick #2: Get enough sleep

Good sleep is the most anabolic time for our body. The regeneration and build-up processes that take place at night cannot be replaced by harder training or supplements. Especially since hard training is not possible when you are overtired. Go to bed before 11pm and sleep at least 8 hours to get the most out of your previous workout and be fit for your next workout. And 9 hours of sleep is more effective than 8 hours.

Trick #3: Drink maltodextrin in your post-workout shake

If you're already low in body fat - under 10% body fat for a man - but are struggling to build muscle mass, this trick will get you good gains.

After strength training, drink a post-workout shake with whey protein and maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a fast-digesting carbohydrate powder that replenishes muscle glycogen stores and induces an insulin response. This lowers your cortisol level, nutrients and water are transported into the muscle more quickly and your muscles regenerate faster.

Drink 2-4g maltodextrin per kg body weight along with 60g whey protein mixed in water post workout.

Try one or more of these tips to build muscle faster. Don't be put off by statements like "You can only build up to 2 kg of muscle in a year". Much more is possible with structured, progressive training and the right lifestyle, as our Before`n`After pictures show.

Good luck with your training!

Picture: 7er national rugby player (TR) and YPSI athlete Deniz Cokesen used a rehab phase last year to build solid mass. Result: 92.4kg body weight at 4.7%. Increasing his squat performance to front squats of 135kg for 3 reps was crucial.

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