Der Front Quad Squat

The front quad squat

The quad squat is an advanced variation of the squat where the heels are elevated by a wedge - like the YPSI Squat Boards - by about 15cm and the stance is shoulder width. In addition to the back quad squat, there is also the front quad squat, in which the barbell rests on the collarbone and front deltoid instead of on the back in front of the neck.

This is an advanced version of the quad squat. This offers some advantages.

3 advantages of the front quad squat

1. Very high range of motion. Thanks to the raised heels and the upright posture, maximum flexion in the knee joint is possible, which trains and strengthens it over its entire range of motion.

2. Very high Vastus Medialis Obliquus (VMO) recruitment . Since the back is hardly involved in the movement due to the upright body position, the larger flexion angle between the upper body and quadriceps and the position of the barbell in front of the body, the knee-extensor muscles have to do most of the work. Below 90° of knee flexion and in the last 15° of knee extension, the VMO is primarily activated.

3. Lower back relief. For the reasons mentioned in point 2, the front quad squat relieves the lower back compared to other squat variants. Especially after several phases of the back squat or deadlift, it's important to give your lower back a break without neglecting leg training.

Example program:

A1 Front Quad Squat, 6×4-6 reps, 4010 pace, 120s rest

A2 Leg curl, kneeling, one leg, foot dorsiflexed and toes out, 6×4-6 reps, 4010 tempo, 120s rest

B 45° back extension, SZ bar behind the neck, 4×6-8 reps, 3013 tempo, 180s rest

Variation is one of the most important factors for progress. Use different variants of the squat to set new stimuli in your training. If your back is already quite strong and VMO is the limiting factor in your squat performance and execution, then the front quad squat is an excellent choice.

Good luck with the Front Quad Squat! 

Picture: The personal trainers Nadja Reinmann from Oensingen in Switzerland and Oliver Schuppen from Osnabrück during the YPSI Advanced Functional Anatomy Seminar in October 2016 at front quad squats on different prototypes of the YPSI Squat Board.

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