Der YPSI Arm Urlaub

The YPSI Arm Holiday

Anyone who follows the YPSI blog is already familiar with the YPSI squat holiday ...

These are 6 days of squats 3 times a day. Then 3-4 days real vacation made. The body reacts to this short-term overload with disproportionate growth - provided the diet and sleep are right and it is then given enough rest to supercompensate.

As rare as it is to see well-executed squats in a gym, so often is it seen, mostly boys and men, doing bicep curls. The goal for most is big arms. For all those who want to give their arms a proper growth spurt in a short time, here is the logical consequence: arm holidays!

There are a total of four different workouts that are rotated. Two workouts per day are carried out for 6 days. Two different arm workouts are performed on days 1, 3 and 5 than on days 2, 4 and 6.

Below is the training program: 

Day 1, 3, 5

workout 1
A1 45° KH incline curl, supinated grip 8×2-4 4010 120s
A2 LH neck press, standing 8×2-4 4010 120s
B 65° KH incline curl, neutral grip 4×4-6 4010 150s
workout 2
A1 KH Curls, Seated Supine Grip 4×6-8 4010 45s
A2 SZ Flat Bench Triceps extensions, pronated, narrow grip, toward forehead 4×8-12 4010 45s
A3 75° KH incline curls, supinated grip 4×6-8 4010 45s
A4 KH Flat Bench Triceps Extensions, Neutral Grip 4×8-12 4010 45s

Day 2, 4, 6

workout 1
A1 EZ Scott curls, pronated, shoulder-width grip 8×2-4 4010 120s
A2 LH Flat bench press, shoulder-width grip 8×2-4 4010 120s
B KH Scott curl, one arm, supinated grip 4×4-6 4010 150s
workout 2
A1 EZ Curls, standing, pronated grip 4×4-6 4010 15s
A2 SZ Curls, standing, supine grip 4×6-8 2010 180s
B1 dips 4×6-8 4010 15s
B2 SZ Flat Bench Triceps extensions, supinated, shoulder-width grip, toward forehead 4×8-12 4010 180s

Notes: There should be a break of 4-6 hours between workout 1 and workout 2. The first training should be completed before 12 p.m., the second training must be completed before 6 p.m.

Microperiodization in all workouts is "Build up to a heavy set" - see examples here

During the 6 days you have to consume a lot of protein (woman: 2g/kg body weight, man 3-4g/kg body weight), depending on body fat percentage at least in the evening eat additional carbohydrates (e.g. rice, potatoes, quinoa), below 10% body fat also maltodextrin in the Drink a post-workout shake after each workout and go to bed before 11pm to get the most out of your arm vacation...

Good luck with the YPSI Arm Holiday!

Image: Harder Arms -WBFF-Pro Athlete Daniel Harder grows his biceps during the Before'n'After Bootcamp Seminar - November 2015...

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