Pull yourself up and learn! – Klimmzugtraining im Klassenzimmer – Zwischenbericht

Pull yourself up and learn! - Pull-up training in the classroom - interim report

The "Pull yourself up and learn!" project and the pull-up day are a complete success and this week were included in the further training catalog of the Stuttgart regional council for teachers at over 500 community schools, junior high schools and high schools for the coming school year 2018/19. As part of this training, Nicolas Wolf and Wolfgang Unsöld will teach how pull-up training can be implemented in the classroom at their own school.

The second pull-up day also took place last Monday at the Eduard-Sprenger-Gymnasium in Filderstadt. Topics of the second pull-up day were the anatomy of the pull-up and the physiology of the training and the introduction of two new variants of the pull-up. The numerous questions from the students and their enthusiasm for the training exceeded the expectations of the teacher and trainer.

"Success breeds success" is a motto that is also reflected in the successes of the students and their enthusiasm for pull-up training.

So last week the class also repeated the tests from the first pull-up day in January – keeping on time and pull-ups for repetitions. The results as follows:

Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 18:44:32

In summary, we have the following results after 15 training weeks and 3 vacation weeks with 2 training units of 10 minutes each per week

  • 6 students who could not do a pull-up did their first pull-up
  • 7 students increased their pull-up performance by 2 to 6 repetitions

Of particular note is the minimal time investment of just 20 minutes of training per week in combination with the consistency of the training over four months, which is another excellent example of how successful training lives from consistency and repetitive, progressive stimuli.

The next pull-up day will follow at the end of July and a summary of the first half of the year “pull-up training in the classroom”.

Image: The poster of the first milestone meeting.

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