Warum Du nicht auf einem Laufband laufen solltest

Why you shouldn't run on a treadmill

Running is arguably the most common form of cardiovascular exercise – cardio for short. Virtually every gym has treadmills, which often take up a large portion of the workout space. The trainers there recommend that members use the treadmill to warm up before strength training or for their cardio training. Even some athletes do their conditioning/interval training on treadmills.

However, there is no treadmill in the YPSI.

We recommend our customers, if they do cardio training, especially interval training, to go outdoors or on a tartan track. Why?

1. When you run on a treadmill, you're not moving forward - you're jumping in place and the treadmill moves underneath you. This is a big biomechanical difference because you're not using your hamstrings and glutes to push yourself forward like you would with normal running on firm ground. You also do not train specifically for a sport, in case you do running training for your sport.

2. Less Posterior Chain Recruitment - This leads directly to tension in the anterior chain, primarily the quadriceps, and can lead to back problems over time as the rectus femoris also flexes the hip, and too much tension in this muscle causes a hollow back can. The buttocks are also trained less, which also leads to problems with a hollow back and results in a flat buttocks appearance - nothing that a woman who goes on the treadmill for her figure actually wants.

3. Fresh air, sun and green environment. Just about everyone should be spending more time outside. And not just to increase your vitamin D intake. Green is also a color that has a relaxing effect. This helps you switch off better than the treadmills with the TV screens or the loud background noise in the gym.

For these reasons, we recommend running outdoors and discourage using a treadmill. Even in the colder seasons - this strengthens the immune system and afterwards it is even more comfortable at home.

Have fun and good luck running outdoors!

Image: Preston Greene and Dorte Martensson at YPSI Training Camp in August 2015 pulling a sled during Modified Strongman training, which is an excellent alternative to cardio on the treadmill.

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