YPSI Reisen – Zeit für mehr Muskeln

YPSI trips - time for more muscles

Guest post by Michael Rainer

A good two weeks ago it was time again: a YPSI vacation was coming up. After I followed the recommendation of Gainz tourism expert Wolfgang Unsöld in 2014 and 2015 and set off on a YPSI squat vacation, this time I didn't go south, but the destination was a little further north. The poor. Instead of squats 3x a day for 6 days, the travel guide gave 6 days of arm training, two units a day. The exact procedure can be found here: YPSI arm vacation

Why do you ask yourself?
I say: why not?! After all, there's only one thing better than big arms: EVEN BIGGER ARMS.

For many who hear about a YPSI vacation for the first time, the combination of the terms training and vacation is certainly strange. Wolfgang once explained it to me like this: You have to take a holiday in order to do the YPSI holiday. You don't have time for anything else! Training. Eat. Sleep. Training. Eat. Sleep. Even more food.

Instead of sun, beach and sea, it's dumbbells and barbells.
Instead of splashing around in the sea, it's called curls.
Instead of sleeping in, it's time to sleep early.

Instead of bikini beauties on the beach, there's... Well, depending on who trains in your gym...

Somehow it sounds like vacation... just the training... and the constant pain in your arms. On the 2nd day after the morning training I really thought: That was only the 3rd of 12 (TWELVE!!!) units...so just 25%....Fuck....

Spoiler alert: It didn't get any better for the next few days! The arms felt best during training, the pump made you forget the sore muscles.


Many think that or something similar when they hear about the arm vacation log. I can only say that the 6 days just showed me how much the human body actually tolerates. During the 6 days I was able to maintain my training performance almost the whole time and I was even able to increase my weight in the morning workouts over the course of the day. Over a short period of time and with the necessary measures for regeneration - a lot of food, sleep, YPSI Tool and buckets of YPSI AminoElectrolyte Complex - you can achieve good results and overcome plateaus in a relatively short time.

So who is a YPSI holiday for?
For everyone who wants thicker and, above all, stronger arms.

Today, 1 week after the YPSI arm holiday, I have 1.5 cm more per arm and a total of 2.5 kg more on the scales.

Conclusion: After a YPSI holiday you need a real holiday, but it's worth it...

So my recommendation is: do it! Try it. Whether YPSI squats - or arm vacation. It's worth the trip!

Image: Personal trainer Michael Rainer doing arm training at Urban Athletes in Cologne.

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