YPSI Functional Hypertrophy Training Camp

This post is written in english, as the YPSI Training Camp will be held in english.

Functional Hypertrophy is key for Body Comp Transformations and Athletic Performance, which are the two primary reasons why a clients or athletes hire a Personal Trainer or Strength Coach.

Functional Hypertrophy has historically been an overlooked aspect of strength training that primarily good divided in Bodybuilding vs. Strength.

This fortunately changed significantly over the last decade where more and more clients, athletes and coaches realize the high value of Functional Hypertrophy.

For us at the YPSI the focus on the development of Functional Hypertrophy has been a key aspect in the successes working with many gen pop clients as well as amateur and elite athletes for the last 12 years.

Wolfgang wants to break down the Development of Functional Hypertrophy into lectures and workouts during a full 5 days at the YPSI in Stuttgart.

Contents of the seminar

· Key aspects of Program Design & Periodization for Functional Hypertrophy

· Accupressure techniques to use with clients for instant improvements in strength and mobility

· How to use the YPSI Tool to improve strength, flexibility and mobility in clients

Functional Nutrition and Supplementation for Functional Hypertrophy

· The latest innovations in Nutritional Coaching for Functional Hypertrophy

Depending on the day there will be either one or two training session at the YPSI. In which Wolfgang will put you through a typical program that we use with our clients and athletes that is specifically tailored towards Functional Hypertrophy.

Your Personal Strength Institute
Reinsburgstr. 82
70178 Stuttgart-West

How to get there
Stuttgart Airport (STR) – 21 min train ride
Stuttgart main station – 6 min train ride

where to stay
Crown Hotel
Hotel at the lake of fire
Radisson Park Inn

Investment seminar
Regular Price – 2499 plus sales tax (full payment within 4 weeks before the seminar)
Early Bird – 1999 euros plus sales tax (full payment until 4 weeks before the seminar)

incl. Water, YPSI Amino Electroyte Complex, Post Workout Shakes, Handout and Certificate

next date

October 2023
Monday October 9th until Friday October 13th, all days will run from 10am until 6pm, except for the last day where we will finish around 4pm

To sign up Email us here or via the contact form here

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