YPSI Skinfold Measurement - Recommended Caliper & Software

We recommend that each participant bring a caliper to the skinfold measurement workshop

The only model that can be used is:

Harpenden skinfold calipers

The best conditions are usually available via Amazon or directly from fitnessassist.co.uk.


YPSI software for skinfold measurement & analysis

The participants of the YPSI Module 4 also have the option to purchase the license for YPSI software for skinfold measurement & analysis directly at the seminar and at a later date of their choice. The YPSI software for skinfold measurement & analysis is designed to evaluate and manage the data of the YPSI skinfold measurement.

Especially for trainers with a larger customer base and regular measurements, we recommend the YPSI software to manage the evaluation and administration of the data professionally and efficiently.

The booking of the YPSI software is optional and can be decided by each participant himself based on the needs of his work.

The one-off purchase price is 500 euros net plus statutory VAT.

We provide any updates free of charge.


You can also find the recommended literature for the optional preparation and follow-up of the YPSI modules here