Would you like to take pictures of your progress?

The following tips will help you to take the best pictures so that you can visually document your physical progress.

1. The Light - We recommend finding a spot in your home or studio where you only have artificial light and no natural light. The background is that natural light changes depending on the time of day, depending on the season and of course also depending on the weather conditions. While artificial light is always identical. In the YPSI we only use artificial light in the form of a ceiling lamp when the shutters are closed. In this way you ensure standardized light and thus standardized images. Where you can see your real progress.

2. The Location - We also recommend that you define the exact location where you are standing. What we do in the YPSI with every picture is that in a picture from the front, the heels touch the bottom bar of the wall. And that in a picture from behind the toes touch the baseboard of the wall. The distance to the wall is always the same and the position of the ceiling lamp is always the same in the before and after pictures. In this way you ensure a standardized position and thus standardized images. Where you can see your real progress.

3. The Camera - And we recommend one of the latest cell phone cameras or a high quality digital camera for the photos. If you are using an older mobile phone or an older digital camera, we recommend using a tripod to avoid possible camera shake. Shaking blurs the image and thus ensures that the image does not accurately reflect reality.

4. The position of the camera - If you are using a cell phone camera and don't have a tripod, also make sure that the cell phone is always held at the same height so that the photo is also standardized again.

How often should I take photos?

We generally recommend creating photos in a longer cycle. Taking photos weekly or monthly has often proven to be less productive. That's why we recommend taking photos every 2 to 6 months to give the body the time it needs to adapt to the training.

Good luck implementing these tips for images that reflect your physical transformation.

Feel free to take photos, too, because in the future we will also start campaigns that reward the best BNA photos from the YPSI Online Coaching.