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YPSI Online Module B - Individualized Nutrition (12 Month Access)

YPSI Online Module B - Individualized Nutrition (12 Month Access)

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„One diet fits all“ is just not correct.

The reality has proven that over and over again.

Just because one person has found an nutrional approach or diet that works for them - like Keto, Low Carb, High Carb, Intermittent Fasting, specific food choice, a certain Marconutrient Ratio or „Calories in vs. Calories out“ - doesn’t mean it works for the next person.

There is no diet that works for everybody.

This is why nutrition needs to be individualized.

You need to figure what works for yourself and each individual client you work with.

And you need to figure that out without doing endless trial-and-error combined with the frustration that comes along.

You need practical methods and testing that are easy to apply in real life. That allow you to individualize nutrition as efficient as possible. That means as time- and cost-effective as possible. 

For over 10 years I have researched, applied and developed options to individualize nutrition more effectivly. To make changes in nutrition more easy and more reliable.

Early in my coaching career I have experienced by working with clients that different people respond completely different to different nutritional approaches. 

Later with more and more testing and data this has been proven and validated by testing.

For example, with Continous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) I have seen clients with zero bloodsugar response to oats and some clients with a massive bloodsugar response to oats. Which makes sense based on carbohydrate content of oats and individual carbohydrate sensitivity. 

Surprisingly, I have also seen a few clients with a massive bloodsugar response to tomatoes.

Which on paper makes very little sense as tomatoes contain very small amounts of carbohydrates.

Still the tests repetitivly shown that that few people had a severe blood sugar reactions to tomatoes. That means despite the fact that tomatoes are a low carb low calorie food source and therefore in general a all-you-can-eat food, blood sugar testing has proven that few people experience a severe blood sugar spike after consuming tomatoes. Which makes tomatoes a food for them to avoid. 

This is clearly a statistical anomaly. It does prove a point though. It proves why we need to individualize nutrition for one individual. 

This is an example why some people get results with a certain nutritional approach. And others do not.

And why we need Individualized Nutrition.

Individualized Nutrition is the base of any type of nutritional coaching.

This is why this YPSI Online Nutrition Module is centered around the focus on Individualized Nutrition.

There is plenty of resources out there that teach what protein, fats and carbs are. And how you calculate calories. 

This Module goes far beyond the basics of nutrition. 

It is focused on Individualized Nutrition in the most practical, efficient and results oriented approach.

This Module is for you, if you want to:

  • Understand the value of Continous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) 
  • Learn how to use Continous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to individualize carbohydrate amounts, types and timing for every individual person
  • Learn how to individualize nutrition based on Skinfold Measurements
  • Learn how to individualize the Calories in vs. Calories out (CICO) approach for more reliable results
  • Learn how to individualize nutrition based on Lab Tests
  • Learn how to individualize nutrition based on Acid-Alkaline-Testing (an actual scientific approach, not the „you are too acidic“ bogus)
  • Learn how to individualize alternative Nutritional Protocols
  • Learn how to individualize Intermittent Fasting
  • Learn from anywhere in the world at any time of your day in front of your computer, tablet or phone

As an avid teacher I have taught over 300 events to thousands of students in the last 8 years in over 26 countries in the world. Check out some of the group pictures here. And for the first time I will make some this information available online.

We live in a knowledge-based world where your knowledge and competence are fundamental to success.

And learning is the foundation of knowledge and competence.

When it comes to learning about individualized nutrition one of my favorite quotes is:

„Nutrition is a Science.

Dietetics is an Art.“

Both can be taught and learned.

As a Personal Trainer and Coach you need to be able to apply both. 

Understand the science of nutrition. 

And than apply that science in the real world - which is what dietetics is.

Nutrition Scientist are not the ones that get the best results. 

Trainers and Coach that are best at applying nutrional science in the real life by individualizing nutrition for a given person and goal are the ones that get the best results.

And this can be learned.

Do you want to learn?

Then use every valuable option available today.

This is where learning online is key.

Its faster, easier, more efficient and most definitely more flexible.

This is why I created the YPSI Online Education Platform and the YPSI Personal Trainer Mentorship Program.

I will take you through each lecture step by step on how to individualize nutrition based on actual testing. 

With one goal to build your knowledge on Individualized Nutrition.

You can watch the lectures anytime at your own speed as often as you want from anywhere in the world.

Elevate your knowledge and competence on Individualized Nutrition today and sign up today...

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After successful booking and payment the access will be sent via email within 2 working days. If you want the access even faster, please send us an email to office@ypsi.de.

12 months after the first access to the lectures it expires automatically.

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