„Die perfekte Kniebeuge“ – Das Buch – Ab sofort Vorbestellung möglich

"The perfect squat" - The book - Pre-order now possible

After the great success of "Your Best Training" and "Ask the Coach" the third book by Wolfgang Unsöld follows.

The perfect squat: technique, methods and variants

Released on June 12, 2017

The knee bend, also known as the squat, is one of the most popular and effective full-body exercises in strength training. Because no other exercise trains muscular balance, flexibility and strength more efficiently, it is also often called "The King of all Exercises".
The strength coach and trainer Wolfgang Unsöld, on whose know-how professional sportsmen and athletes from all over the world swear, relies on this all-in-one exercise in his training programs, which uses over 400 muscles. But very few people do squats correctly. In fact, the vast majority of people who exercise do not train correctly. This book uncovers the most common myths and misconceptions, explains the different techniques in words and pictures, and goes into detail about how to increase performance. From front squats and squats with flat or raised heels to Klokov and Medvedev squats to jump squats and Romanian deadlifts, all the important squat variations are presented. The reader learns how and when to use them for optimal results. The book contains over 10 different training programs, different variants and assistance exercises of the squat, tools to increase squat performance, periodization examples and much more on over 190 pages in large format.

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