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2.0 - The YPSI Home Workout Program (German)

2.0 - The YPSI Home Workout Program (German)

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The english version here

A home gym is one of the best investments in your workout.

A home gym offers more flexibility and efficiency. And certainly more training time and more training progress and successes.

No commitment to opening hours. It is open 24 hours. 

No time wasted going to the gym. It's at your house.

No waiting for devices. You decide how many people train at the same time.

Not bad music. you are the dj

No superfluous devices. You decide what's in the gym

And there are many more benefits of having a home gym.

There is one major hurdle, however. The number of devices will be limited. 

I am regularly asked what equipment I recommend for a home gym. And I always give the same answer.

The basis of a well-equipped home gym is a barbell, plates, an adjustable bench and a rack.

In addition, it is a matter of space, budget and training goals. 

The YPSI Home Workout program contains two phases, each with two programs and three to four training sessions per week. That's a total of six to eight weeks of training. And all you need for the programs is a home gym with a barbell, plates, an adjustable bench, and a rack

A home gym is an excellent option to work out when time is short, you need more flexibility, you value your peace of mind, or even when the gyms are closed, as is currently the case during the Corona days.

Good luck with the YPSI Home Gym program, lots of good training sessions and more progress in training!

Table of contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Important information about the training*
Chapter 3 - Training Program - Phase 1
Chapter 4 - Training Program - Phase 2
Chapter 5 - Exercise Guide (including photos and video clips of all exercises)
Chapter 6 - About the Author
*(incl. the split, the A1 A2 system, the tempo, the warm-up, the micro-periodization and the spread)

This eBook contains:

- Four training programs divided into two phases.

- A total of 24 training sessions for 6 to 8 weeks of training at home.

- All programs are designed so that you only need a barbell, plates, an adjustable bench and a rack.

- Images and videos of each exercise used in the two phases.

With one main goal - better training at home.
41 pages. Delivery time: Immediately. Book in pdf format with direct download. After successful payment you will receive the download link via email.
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