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2.0 - The YPSI Online Coaching Program (German)

2.0 - The YPSI Online Coaching Program (German)

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You currently don't have the budget for personal coaching at the YPSI?

Do you live too far away to come to the YPSI in Stuttgart once a month?

You want to bridge the long waiting time until the first appointment of the Before'n'After program in the YPSI?

Or do you want to get an insight into the methods and programs of the YPSI?

Then the YPSI Online Coaching program is just right for you.

The YPSI Online Coaching Program aims to make the methods that produce such reliable results accessible to trainees around the world.

The need for a YPSI online coaching program came in 2017 when the waiting time for the initial check of the YPSI Before'n'After program - the personal coaching with Wolfgang - had increased to over 6 months.

This was clearly too long.

However, every challenge has a solution.

This is how the YPSI Online Coaching Program came about. A system of training, nutrition and lifestyle tweaks that anyone can do regardless of their individual and specific goals.

Like an elementary school. She teaches everyone the same. Whether someone wants to be a kindergarten teacher, a painter or a doctor, everyone goes through the fundamental steps in elementary school.

It is only during middle school, high school and later also at university that methods and systems are tailored to the specific goals of a person.

The idea of ​​a primary school for nutrition and training combined with standardized but still progressive initial recommendations, coupled with up-to-date demands in the service we offer at YPSI, have led to the development of the YPSI Online Coaching Program.

The YPSI Online Coaching Program are the steps that every client goes through in the first few months of the Before'n'After program and in working with Wolfgang.

It is a step-by-step, month-by-month program that optimizes training, interval training, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and mobility.

The YPSI Online Coaching Program consists of four phases of three to four weeks each, which build on each other.

The YPSI Online Coaching Program includes the following 8 documents:

  1. foreword
  2. Information about the training
  3. Mind set for success
  4. Phase 1 - Training, Nutrition, Supplements & more
  5. Phase 2 - Training, Nutrition, Supplements & More
  6. Phase 3 - Training, Nutrition, Supplements & More
  7. Phase 4 - Training, Nutrition, Supplements & More
  8. All training programs (printable)

All training programs contain photos and videos for all exercises.

What the YPSI Online Coaching Program offers:

- The program guides you through 4 phases of training programs, nutrition, supplement and stretching recommendations as well as small lifestyle optimization steps.

- The program consists of 4 phases, each lasting 3 to 4 weeks, with 5 to 6 specific changes per phase to ensure sustainable and continuous change - as the basis for your success.

- The program will provide specific guidance on individualizing diet and macronutrient intake, as well as supplement recommendations based on a questionnaire and individual body fat distribution.

- If you have current skinfold measurements, you can use the program to further optimize supplementation and nutrition. However, a skinfold measurement is not necessary.

- The program will explain in detail and with examples how to warm up before training.

- The program explains in detail and with examples how to choose weights for the exercises.

- There are photos and videos for every single exercise in the program to optimize your workout execution.

- There will be alternative exercises for those who can't do pull-ups yet or don't have a 45° back extension available.

- The program includes a document entitled "Mindset for Success" as this is clearly one of the most underestimated aspects of progress and success in training - and in particular transformation.

What the YPSI Online Coaching Program does NOT offer:

- The program does not include individual feedback via email, telephone or in person.

- The program is not designed for more advanced scenarios such as rehabilitation after an injury or sport-specific strength training.

This program is a collection of 10 years of successful coaching. With the clear, structured and progressive approach that the YPSI is known for. It's a 4-phase, 12-16 week program delivered straight to your inbox. Time to start...

For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the YPSI Online Coaching program , click here

The YPSI Online Coaching Program is in German. ( Click here for the English version )
The YPSI Online Coaching Program consists of 8 documents with a total of 119 pages .
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