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The YPSI Diet

The YPSI Diet

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What are the two biggest problems with nutrition books?

For one, they are too restrictive and dogmatic.

You're not allowed to do that. And not that. And so forth.

Second, they have too many sides.

Investing 5 to 10 hours in the book is often simply too much for many.

We have the solution for this: A thinner, more precise and more practical nutrition book.

It also has a very simple and precise title:

The YPSI Diet

On just 36 pages and a good 3000 words, which at normal reading speed is a total reading time of around 10 minutes, Wolfgang gives an insight into the nutritional philosophy of the YPSI.

The nutritional philosophy of the YPSI was developed by Wolfgang and has been constantly further developed and fine-tuned over the past 15 years.

This nutritional philosophy is used successfully by personal trainers and coaches all over the world.

From Sao Paulo and Hawaii to Auckland and Hong Kong.

To celebrate the success of this philosophy over the past 15 years, we are releasing The YPSI Diet book.

A great book for anyone who wants to expand their nutritional horizons.

Language: German
Extent: 36 pages
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