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eBook & Videos - Strength and Mass Holiday (German)

eBook & Videos - Strength and Mass Holiday (German)

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Building strength and mass - these are the two main goals of strength training. No matter what goal you have beyond that. The two come first. You are the base.

There are many different ways, methods, and systems to build strength and size. Most take a lot of time. Months. Even years.

Since everyone likes efficiency and shortcuts, developing solutions that deliver faster results is critical to success.

What is the Strength and Mass Holiday?

The Strength and Mass Holiday is a short, high-frequency training program that completes 10 different workouts over 5 days. It's a great program to do when you have time - like on a vacation - or when you need results fast - like before a vacation.

This ebook combines these 10 programs including pictures and videos of all exercises with recommendations for nutrition, supplements and peri-workout nutrition as well as sample meal plans and additional information on the training programs to get the most out of these intense 5 days. For more strength and mass.....

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Preface
Chapter 2 - The warm up
Chapter 3 - The Tempo
Chapter 4 - The Spread
Chapter 5 - The Microperiodization
Chapter 6 - The programs
Chapter 7 - Peri-Workout Nutrition
Chapter 8 - Nutrition & Macros
Chapter 9 - Sample Meal Plans
Chapter 10 - A brief guide to nutritional supplements during the power and mass holiday
Chapter 11 - How to eat and exercise after the power and mass vacation
Chapter 12 - Frequently Asked Questions

This ebook contains 12 chapters on 80 pages including 10 training programs and videos of all exercises with explanations, hints and references.

What is the Strength and Mass Holiday based on?

High-frequency training programs such as the Strength and Mass Holiday has been around for some time, with the Bulgarian national weightlifting team being the first to popularize such training in the 1980's. Back then, they were the dominant force in weightlifting. In many of the competitions they competed in, they won more than half of the medals available. At the elite level, they trained up to 12 times a day in short 20-30 minute workouts. However, the ability to tolerate such a volume of training needs to be built over time.

Other high-frequency training programs include the HFT program and the Super Accumulation Program, which I have used in various guises with clients and general population athletes with great success, eventually leading to the development of the now world-famous "Squat Vacation," a program you follow 18 squat workouts in 6 days. With an increase in squat max of up to 40kg and an average result of +3kg lean mass, -1.5% body fat and +15kg on squat max. Then the squat holiday eventually led to the "Arm Holiday", a program which takes you through 12 biceps and triceps workouts in 6 days and is a nice counterpart to the Squat Holiday.

The Strength and Mass Holiday is basically a hybrid of the two, requiring 10 different workouts over 5 days with the goal of adding the maximum amount of strength and mass in the shortest amount of time.

We have offered a version of the Strength and Mass Holiday several times at YPSI, my personal training gym in Stuttgart, Germany, called YPSI Training Camp. It combines 10 different workouts in 5 days, progressively built upon each other to provide the fastest gains in strength and size. This week's results correspond to the results of 4-6 weeks of good training. The YPSI Training Camp was a huge success as it sold out every time, attracting customers from the general population, personal trainers and athletes from all over Europe.

The Strength and Mass Holiday gives you the same system, programs and guidance. However, in the gym of your own choice. 10 programs with over 30 different exercises, each with a detailed video on how to do it and hints, detailed individualized peri-workout nutrition and food & macro recommendations with sample meals for 5 days of great training and a big pile of strength and size.

For the answer to the Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ - Strength and Mass Holiday click here.

What YPSI athletes and coaches say about the Strength and Mass Holiday:

"I went through a version of the Strength and Mass Holiday twice in preparation for a fight during the YPSI training camps in Stuttgart. Definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had. 10 training sessions in 5 days is demanding. And a lot of fun at the same time. And are great for building some serious strength and size.Each time I lost about 4% body fat and gained 3kg bodyweight which equates to an increase of over 7kg lean mass in just 5 days.I've done it twice, each time in pre-fight. With good reason.It's the best way to build strength and mass in the shortest amount of time.Strength and mass I used in the ring to beat opponents over 40lbs heavier than me.I can do Wolfgang's Strength and Mass Holiday Highly recommend to anyone serious about doing some serious strength and mass in the blink of an eye. I look forward to going through it myself next time...."
Ibrahim Karakoc, 4-time kickboxing/K1 world champion

" Anyone who is a big fan of training and has lofty goals of gaining strength and mass in a short amount of time can't ignore Wolfgang's Strength and Mass Holiday. To focus even more on the vacation and not get distracted, I choose even another city and even another country to complete the power and mass vacation. On this vacation I plan exactly when and what to train and of course when and what to eat. There is no meal under 300g of meat. Why "Because I want to get bigger and stronger, that's what the Strength and Mass Holiday is all about. Each time I've gone through it, I've gained between 10 and 15 pounds in mass in a week. "Eat big, train big, get big ." is the motto. If you're serious about building strength and size and want to take your training to the next level, train 10 times in 5 days - train harder, eat more, build more strength and size. And it's fun."
Goran Sirovina, personal trainer & co-owner of Kraftmanufaktur

"Want impressive gains and reduction in body fat in one week? Try it!!!!!! My trainer Wolfgang Unsoeld's Strength and Mass Holiday is guaranteed to transform you! I had the honor of trying this program before it was officially released and it was just amazing. I gained significant strength and gained 6lbs on the scale while losing body fat. Give it a try! It's definitely worth it! PROMISE! "
Daniel Harder, WBFF Pro

Includes video clips of each exercise used in the Strength and Mass Holiday 's 10 programs.

The ebook is in a printable format.

Language: German.

82 pages . Delivery time: Immediately. Book in pdf format with direct download.
After successful payment you will receive the download link via email.
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