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YPSI Carb Complex

YPSI Carb Complex

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For our environment - this product is packaged in a recyclable can with a recyclable label and is climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen using sustainable shipping packaging and adhesive tape made from 100% paper and natural rubber glue sent.

NEM-Control® - this product is a tested foodstuff and passed an external legal examination by a nutritional committee. More about this here

About the YPSI Carb Complex

Carbohydrates are an important supplier of energy.

Especially in the anaerobic energy system with maximum or approximately maximum exertion lasting less than 2 minutes, as is common in strength training, sprints and most other sports, glucose is primarily required for energy generation at cell level.

At the YPSI, we have been recommending the consumption of carbohydrates in combination with protein immediately after training for over 12 years, especially when there is an increased need for carbohydrates.

And in special scenarios such as high training volume (> 25 sets per workout) and longer training sessions (> 60 minutes) also consuming a mixture of carbohydrates with amino acids and electrolytes during training.

Since different carbohydrates differ and different carbohydrates complement each other in terms of carbohydrate length, absorption and other properties, we have developed the YPSI Carb Complex, a carbohydrate powder that is unique in the world, based on over 15 years of experience and the latest scientific findings.

The YPSI Carb Complex consists of these five special carbohydrates

Hyperbranched cyclic dextrin is a carbohydrate produced by the breakdown of starch by a unique enzyme, thereby forming specific groupings of the sugar and starch molecules. It has low osmolality and a high molecular weight that accelerates gastric emptying*.

Maltodextrin is a long-chain carbohydrate made from monomers, dimers, oligomers and polymers of glucose. Maltodextrin is hardly sweet, tasteless and is easily soluble in liquid. There are different forms of maltodextrin. In the YPSI Carb Complex we use a special high-molecular maltodextrin.

Trehalose is a disaccharide made up of two linked glucose molecules. Trehalose is only half as sweet as table sugar and has so far been used in foods mainly in Japan , since the high water-binding capacity of trehalose reduces the drying out of foods. Several scientific studies on trehalose have been published in recent years, pointing to a number of potential benefits.*

Dextrose is a monosaccharide and, unlike other sugars and carbohydrates, does not have to be broken down, but can be absorbed directly.

D-Ribose is a 5-carbon monosaccharide, also called pentose. D-Ribose is an important component of energy metabolism and plays an important role in ATP production.

Our quality features

Unique carbohydrate blend - an innovative, unique blend of five carbohydrates based on 15 years of experience and the latest scientific findings.

Free from sweeteners - such as aspartame or acesulfame.

Added Flavor Free - No added artificial or natural flavor.

Excellent solubility - Shake briefly with water in a shaker or mix in a blender, the YPSI Carb Complex dissolves easily and quickly.

High purity - laboratory tested for mycotoxins, E. Coli, salmonella & other relevant test criteria.

Bottled in Germany in IFS-certified production - for the highest standard and quality assurance in food processing.

Content per 100 g - per portion (50 g powder)

nutritional values
Energy 1634 kJ / 384 kcal - 817 kJ / 192 kcal
Fat <0.1g - <0.1g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g - <0.1 g
Carbohydrates 96.2g - 48.1g
of which sugar 21.8 g - 10.9 g
Fiber <0.1g - <0.1g
Protein <0.1g - <0.1g
Salt* <0.01g - <0.01g

* Salt calculated as sodium content x 2.5

Intake recommendation

Mix a portion of 50 g powder (4 spoons) in sufficient liquid and drink during / after training.

For women, we recommend starting with half a portion (25 g powder).

For men with more muscle mass (>85 kg lean mass), we recommend two servings (100 g powder) per workout.

Carbohydrate mix with powdered sugars. 

Note: Trehalose is a source of glucose.

Ingredients: Hyperbranched Cyclic Dextrin, Maltodextrin, Trehalose, Dextrose, D-Ribose.

Content: 1000g (20 servings)

Keep cool and dry.
Best before: see tin.
Current delivery time: 2-5 working days

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Für unsere Umwelt

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