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YPSI Online Module F - Interval Training (13 months access)

YPSI Online Module F - Interval Training (13 months access)

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We are offering a presale special until January 7th, 2023.

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Interval training is an essential part of any exercise program to complement strength training, particularly to accelerate fat loss.

The program design and periodization of interval training is probably one of the most underestimated and neglected aspects of personal training.

At YPSI we use different forms of interval training depending on the status and goals of our clients and athletes.

The biggest tweak to program design over the last few years has definitely been re-engineering interval training - specifically with the goal of making more measurable gains that directly impact positive goals - primarily fat loss and conditioning - and promote the training effect of strength training rather than it to reduce.

Due to the increased demand for a seminar that builds on the half-day on "Energy Systems Training" in Module 6 of the YPSI Trainer A license and takes a closer look at and analyzes the individual modalities such as sprints, air bike and modified strongman training as well as other example programs makes available, paired with these new insights in the field of interval training, the YPSI interval training program design & periodization seminar was created.

Content of the seminar

- The 3 energy systems - a practical insight into the energy supply of muscles and cells

- The Cori Cycle - Its role and use to maximize its vital role in fat loss

- Power vs. Capacity - Analysis of the two primary alignments of interval training program design

- Fat loss vs. Condition - Clear definition of the differences and examples of their areas of application

– Different modalities of interval training:

-> Jogging, running, sprinting - differences, advantages, areas of application and sample programs

-> Wattbike/Spinning bike - differences, advantages, areas of application and example programs

-> Air Bike - difference to the bike, advantages, areas of application and example programs

-> Modified Strongman Training (MST)

- Advantages and areas of application of the MST - including example programs for different scenarios and goals

- Effects and benefits of various exercises of the MST - such as Farmers Walk, Prowler, Sled, Tire Flip and Yolk

- Effects and advantages of different exercise variants - High and low grip on the prowler, bent and straight arms on the prowler, pulling the sled forwards or backwards, and much more.

-> Further modalities of interval training - rowing machine, cross trainer, treadmill and ergometer - their advantages and possible areas of application

– Structure, program design and periodization of MetCons and Energy Systems Work for Crossfit

– Training for a half marathon, marathon, triathlon – an outlook & approach to maximizing training performance and efficiency.

– Interval training specific supplementation – which supplementation makes the most sense in the context of interval training

– The periodization of interval training – the effective build-up of individual phases of interval training

Take your knowledge and skills about interval training to the next level today and sign up...

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13 months after the first access to the lectures, this expires automatically.

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