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eBook & Videos - Strength and Mass Holiday

eBook & Videos - Strength and Mass Holiday

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To build Strength and Mass -  thats the main purpose of strengthtraining. No matter what goal you have beyond those two. Those two comes first. They are the base.

There are many different ways, methods and systems to build Strength and Mass. Most take a lot of time. Months. Even years. 

Since everyone likes efficiency and short-cuts coming up with solutions that provide faster results is crucial for success.  

What is the Strength and Mass Holiday?

The Strength and Mass Holiday is a short, high-frequency training program that shots for 10 different workouts in 5 days. Its a great program to be done when you have time – like during a holiday – or when you need results fast – like before a holiday.

This Ebook combines these 10 programs incl. pictures and videos on all exercises with recommendations for food, supplements and peri-workout-nutrition as well as sample meal plans and supplemental info on the training programs to get the most out of these intense 5 days. For more Strength and Mass...

The table of contents is

Chapter 1 - Preface

Chapter 2 - The Warmup

Chapter 3 - The Tempo

Chapter 4 - The Spread 

Chapter 5 - Microperiodization 

Chapter 6 - The Programs

Chapter 7 - Peri-Workout-Nutrition

Chapter 8 - Nutrition & Macros

Chapter 9 - Sample Mealplans

Chapter 10 - A quick guide to Supplements during the Strength and Mass Holiday

Chapter 11 - How to eat and train after the Strength and Mass Holiday

Chapter 12 -  Frequently Asked Questions

This ebook contains 12 chapters on 79 pages including 10 Training Programs and Videos of all the exercises with explanations, cues and pointers.

What is the Strength and Mass Holiday based on?

High-frequency training programs like Strength and Mass Holiday have been around for a while, with the Bulgarian Nationalteam in Weightlifting being the first to popularise such training in the 80s. At the time they were the dominating force in weightlifting. Winning more than half of the available medals at many competitions they entered. On the elite level they trained up to 12 times a day in short 20-30 minute workouts. The capacity to tolerate such training volume needs to be build up over time though.

Other high-frequency training programs are the HFT-Program and the Super Accumulation Program which I have used in various forms with general population clients and athletes with great success and which eventually led to the development of the now world-famous „Squat Holiday“, a program that puts you through 18 Squat Workouts in 6 days. With an increase of the Squat Max. of up to 40kg and an average result od +3kg leanmass, -1,5% bodyfat and +15kg on the Squat Max. Then the Squat Holiday eventually led to the „Arm Holiday“, a program that puts you through 12 Biceps and Triceps Workouts in 6 days and is a nice counterpart to the Squat Holiday. 

The Strength and Mass Holiday is basically a hybrid of these two, calling for 10 different workouts in 5 days with the goal of adding the maximal amount of Strength & Mass in the shortest time possible.

Go through the Strength and Mass Holiday at your gym - or at the YPSI

We regularly run a version of the The Strength and Mass Holiday at the YPSI, my Personaltraining Gym in Stuttgart, Germany, under the name of the YPSI Training Camp. Which combines 10 different workouts in 5 days that are build progressivly onto each other  for the fastest gains in Strength and Mass possible. The results of this week match the results of 4-6 weeks of good training. The YPSI Training Camp has been a huge success being sold out every time and attracting general populations clients, personal trainers and athletes from all over europe. 

With the Strength and Mass Holiday you get the same system, programs and guidance. Just in your own gym. 10 programs with over 30 different exercises with a detailed video on execution and pointers each, detailed individualized Peri-Workout-Nutrition and Food- & Macro-Recommendations with sample Mealplans for 5 days of great training and a big heap of Strength and Mass. 

For answer to the frequently asked questions - FAQ - regarding the Strength and Mass Holiday click here

What YPSI Athletes and Colleagues say about the Strength & Mass Holiday:

„I have gone through a version of the Strength and Mass Holiday twice during Training Camps at the YPSI in Stuttgart leading up to a fight. Training-wise one of the best experiences I have ever had. 10 Workouts in 5 days are though and demanding. And at the same time quite some fun. And great to put on some serious strength and mass. Each time I lost about 4% body fat and put over 3 kg of scale weight which is an increase of over 7kg leanmass in just 5 days. I have done it twice leading up to fights. For a reason. Its the best way to put on strength and mass fast in minimal time. Strength and Mass that I used in the ring beating opponents that were over 20kg heavier than me. I can highly recommend Wolfgang’s Strength and Mass Holiday to everyone who is serious about putting on serious Strength and Mass in no time. Iam already looking forward to go through it myself the next time…“ 
Ibrahim Karakoc, 4time Kickboxing/K1 World Champion 

„Everyone who is a huge fan of Training and has high Goals in putting on Strength and Mass in a short amount of time, there is no way around Wolfgang’s Strength and Mass Holiday. Whenever I have the time I take 5 days off work and go through the Strength and Mass Holiday to boost my progress in training.To focus even more on the holiday and don’t get distracted I even choose a different city and even a different country to go through the Strength and Mass Holiday. In this holiday I plan exactly when and what to train and of course when and what to eat. There is no meal below 300g of meat. Why? Because I want to get bigger and stronger, thats what the Strength and Mass Holiday is all about. Everytime I did it I put on between 5 and 7kg of Mass on in one week. Train big. Eat big. Get big. If you are serious about putting on Strength and Mass and you want to elevate your training to the next level, train 10 times in 5 days - train harder, eat more, put on size and strength. And have a great time!!! 
Goran Sirovina, Personaltrainer & Co-Owner Kraftmanufaktur

"Want impressive gainz and reducing bodyfat in one week? Try this!!! Strength and Mass holiday by my coach Wolfgang Unsoeld will guaranteed change you! I had the honor to try this programme before the official release and it was just awesome. I gained insane strength and 6lbs of scale weight while losing body fat the same time. Give it a try guys! It's definetly worth it! PROMISE!"
Daniel Harder, WBFF Pro


Including Video Clips on each exercise used in the 10 Programs of the Strength & Mass Holiday.

The ebook is in a printable format.

The YPSI Handbook and the Clips are in english.
After the checkout you will also receive an email with the password to open the ebook.
You can download the file one time per buy.
79 Pages. Delivery: Immediately via Direct Downland. Pdf-Format. After ordering you will directly receive an email with the download link.
Some of the info contained in this book has be published before and are added to this book to supplement its centerpiece the 6 phase program.
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Das YPSI Handbuch und die Clips sind auf englisch.
79 Seiten. Lieferzeit: Sofort. Buch in Pdf Format mit Direct Download. Nach erfolgreicher Bezahlung erhälst Du den Download Link via Email.
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