YPSI Tool – Testimonials (english)

YPSI Tool – Testimonials (english)

What Trainers says about the YPSI Tool…

„The YPSI tool has helped increase performance substantially. I learned a lot of techniques from the YPSI Tool Seminar, and have added them to my pre workout training regime. Being able to mobilize the ankle joint, shoulder joint, and hip complex has allowed me to increase performance, decrease injury risk, and I’m able to maintain high performance throughout training. The YPSI Tool is very effective because how fast it works and the ability to self-treat with it. A limiting factor for me was upper-body mobility, there was not enough time was spent addressing that. Now with the addition of the YPSI Tool I have been able to keep my range of motion and actually increased some. Which has had a big turnaround on acceleration, top end speed, and efficiency over the hurdles. I use my YPSI Tool before every training session to ensure I have maximum dorsiflexion and shoulder flexion extension. For my clients it has been invaluable as we are able to mobilize and open up restricted ranges of motion and then add load and train them. This in turn has led to faster gains and more sustainable mobility and stability gains!“

Jon McDowell – Dallas, Texas, USA
110m Hurdler & Coach 
Coach & Co-Founder – Vive
Co-Founder- stickafourkinit 


„As a Personal Trainer I often use Instant Muscle Echancement Techniques  to improve the execution, the ROM and sometimes the pain during an exercise.I’m always open for new techniques and tools which improves my existing techniques.I often use Active Release Techniques to improve the execution, the ROM and sometimes the pain during an exercise.

A couple of months ago a colleague Personal Trainer of mine advised me to follow seminars at YPSI with Wolfgang Unsöld, who was creating great Results with all of his clients. Wolfgang is known as one of the best trainers in Europe and the World.He developed his own YPSI Tool to fix pain complaints, restricted ROM and force during an exercise.

He has a 2 day YPSI Tool seminar where every participant learns muscle testing depending on the complaint and how to use the tool to fix it.It’s a credit card big wooden tool which lays really good in the practitioners hand and is very easy to handle. You don’t need balm and it’s automitically disinfected because of the wooden layer. I personally use it in combination with my ART techniques to save my fingers and have the same result.

I strongly advice every Personal Trainer who wants to learn how to fix pains complaints of his clients to buy the tool and follow the 2 day course.It will make the difference between a standard personal coach and a damn good one!“

Christoph Van Bom – Ostende, Belgium
Move2Bfit – Personal Training
TOP Trainer Level C 
NASM Personal Trainer
FMS Trainer


„The YPSI Tool, developed by Wolfgang Unsoeld, is used for Soft Tissue release & Neural Activation and offers a few differences to other tools out there on the market.

6x Individual Edges & 6 Individual Corners – A different millimetre thickness on specific edges provides different options for areas that might require this.

Wood is antimicrobial – This happens once the wood has been off the skin for 3 minutes, which means you don’t constantly have to clean it.

Fits into your Pocket – Quick access whilst on the gym floor without having to search your locker, bag or carry a big case around with you.

More cost effective than some metal & ceramic tools – I believe you can’t even purchase a Graston Tool anymore, only hire them! The FAT Tools are made from ceramic and are considerably higher priced.

Doesn’t interfere with body’s signaling – I originally used the Gua Sha plastic tools but we found that they caused pain as opposed to the YPSI & FAT Tool we have. Used with exactly the same pressure, same site, same way, the plastic tools can cause a sharp pain response. I can only think that this specific person was affected by the plastic in some way.“

Tom Hibbert – Southampton, UK
Owner of Winning Health Solutions 
3time UK Strongest Man u90kg
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