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"Make yourself faster" by Sven Knipphals and Wolfgang Unsöld

"Make yourself faster" by Sven Knipphals and Wolfgang Unsöld

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Make yourself faster - your plan for more speed

By Sven Knipphals (Author) and Wolfgang Unsöld (Author)

The aim of this book is to give an insight into the training of a sprinter. Sven Knipphals and Wolfgang Unsöld explain in several chapters how and what of it can, should and must be adopted by competitive, amateur and recreational athletes in their sport and training in order to become faster. There are also numerous pictures on over 90 pages that show the exercises in their correct and incorrect execution. Benefit from the knowledge of sprinter Sven Knipphals and internationally renowned strength trainer Wolfgang Unsöld, who have worked together for many years. Their findings flow together in this training book.

How do you get faster?

Anyone can go faster. Not everyone becomes a Usain Bolt, but everyone can improve. First things first: sprinting comes from sprinting. This means that the most important of all exercises is the sprint itself. There are many exercises that will help you sprint better, so stringing together the right stimuli at the right time will result in improvement over time. This is basically always the case in training. However, the sprint has a special feature, because there are exercises that make you really slow down! If these false stimuli follow a quick stimulus, this will not lead to the goal in the long term.

In this book I show you exercises that are the prerequisite for my "Make yourself faster" program. Follow the plan you choose and make sure you execute it properly. Quality always comes before quantity, this is very important to successfully complete my 5-week or 9-week program. In addition to sprint training, you should pay attention to your strength training and your diet. For this I was able to win the internationally recognized strength trainer Wolfgang Unsöld from the Your Personal Strength Institute (YPSI).

I wish you every success and, above all, have fun with your training.

Best regards
Sven Knipphals and Wolfgang Unsold

Table of contents
Chapter 1: Preface
Chapter 2: Sprint: What you should know about it
Chapter 3: Which program is right for you?
Chapter 4: What you should definitely pay attention to during the implementation
Chapter 5: Physical requirements
Chapter 6: Strength: Why is strength training essential for speed?
Chapter 7: Training Plans
Chapter 8: Overview of Sprint and Jump Programs
Chapter 9: Explanations of the individual exercises
Chapter 10: Nutrition
Chapter 11: Glossary
Chapter 12: Image Search
Chapter 13: About us: Sven Knipphals and Wolfgang Unsöld

Available as softcover and ebook.

92 pages
Publisher: TalentEntdecker (October 16, 2018)
Language: German
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